Curbside Splendor Issue 1: Spring 2011

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Was genetic material really that powerful? And if it was, did that mean that my brother would always love his dad more than he loved me? I was trying to mathematically prove that my brother could maybe love me more than he loved his dad when I was nine.

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But the thing about writing about relationships is that in describing relationships you can only ever be describing yourself. You can only make conjectures based on what you know about yourself.


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    Curbside Splendor Issue 1:Spring 2011

    October 19, Miller David F. Ulin Marianne Moore Victor L. A novel where the world might sort of end and a troubled couple may reconcile and they both feel equally important. And all the moments in between.

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    And all the emptiness between them. Adcox's novel Does Not Love is a beautiful compendium of these moments. The only difference here is that Adcox allows his agents of pointless complexity to reflect upon what they have wrought in ways that Kafka does not. A novel of its time, and one that has arrived none too soon. In addition, people say some very nice things about the book on Goodreads.

    go here For example, Anderson says "This is the best book I've read all year. Topics include Daniel Clowes, manic first drafts, and plot as a form of anxiety.

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